Responsible Robotics helps you scale-up corporate drone use by reducing complexity, controlling risk, and optimizing the cost of your drone operations.

Reduce corrective maintenance costs and improve asset life using accurate surveying of utilities and infrastructure assets. 

Contact us to learn more about how to setup a compliant drone program for infrastructure surveillance. 

Responsible Robotics' Platform-as-a-Service


Make drone operations part of your daily business processes a Flight Management System that integrates with your ERP and business automation systems


Use AI to engage in real-time monitoring and anomaly detection to identify unforeseen risk and cyber-security threats in-flight


Streamline drone flight requests and missions for employees and vendors and reduce the cost of drone operations

FlyCorrect App

Reduce your risk by applying and verifying your corporate policies and procedures to your flight requests along with federal and government regulations


Leverage AI to enable efficient routing and networking of fleet operations

Winged IoT

Transform your drone fleet to a Winged IoT sensor network delivering insights to your business operations

Meet The Team

Responsible Robotics was founded on the principles of responsible drone operations. Having its roots in the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, the four founders set about to produce the necessary tools to enable responsible drone operations. 

Raja Sengupta, PhD

Co-Founder and Professor at UC Berkeley,  is a connected car and drone pioneer. His connected car venture automatic.com exited with SiriusXM. Raja is now powering up Responsible Robotics. He has a proven first-in-the world technology creation ability.

Christian Manasseh, PhD

Co-Founder, schooled at MIT and UC Berkeley for deep learning and big data, has a proven 14-year business development and operations track record as founder and CEO of Mobius Logic, a big data partner to Fortune 500 companies.

Drew Van Duren

Co-Founder, Technical Director at On-Board Security, and author of the “Practical IoT Security” bible ranked amongst the world’s top cyber-security guys with his Connected Car security architecture. The FAA now has him on drones.

Tim Yamauchi

CPA and Responsible Robotics’ Harvard Business School geek has the C-level record to take RR’s revenue 100 million+. With Tim our skills include public security offerings, IPO's or secondary, venture capital, joint ventures, debt restructuring, and M&A.


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